For the last 5 years, the principle area of focus has been in the field of pharmaceuticals. In terms of principal functions within the healthcare sector, we are active in:

  • helping multinational pharmaceutical companies manage their businesses in an unsettled  political environment

  • lobbying at the highest levels to ensure healthcare receives the necessary funding

  • advising clients on the submission of government tenders to optimise their awards

  • advising clients on the investment opportunities for local pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • advising and equipping  of hospitals

  • establishing a distribution company to ensure clients maintain their market share and presence

  • establish relationships between local MOHs and clients to strategically build the business

Across the region we are heavily involved in both the strategic and tactical activities. This encompasses product/company registration; Key Opinion Leader development; MOH interaction; major symposiums with International speakers; doctor detailing; product launches; product promotion; sales force selection and management; nationwide distribution; preparation and submission of tenders. In addition, where there is a risk of financial exposure, we minimise such risks by opening letters of credit / bank guarantees etc. Business relations / partnerships etc are probably the best measure of success when it comes to assessing an organisation’s achievements. This is especially so in North Africa where one wrong decision can virtually eliminate a company’s sales. We started working with SmithKline Beecham, Glaxo Wellcome, Zeneca, Serono, Reckitt & Coleman over 10 years ago. Today we are working with Astrazeneca, Reckitt Benckiser, MerckSerono, Pfizer, Sandoz, Aspen and several other European companies. The fact that our business has had such continuity through the ruthless consolidation of the pharmaceutical sector is the best barometer of our success. Financially, on average we have pharmaceutical sales in excess of Euro 150 million per year.       


Healthcare Logistics Medical Assistance Services (MAS)